Nola R.

Celebrating Organ Transplant Longevity

Organ Transplants with 25 Years or More Survival of the Transplanted Organ

Nola R. Bio


I got my kidney very young, 17, and never thought I would get married, or have much of a life. But I found a great man, who I have been married to for 31 years, and we have had 2 wonderful children. Before I was married, and until I had my first child, I worked in an orphanage run by the county, as a medical secy. Then I stayed home with my children, until 13 years ago, when I started running the office of my husbands HVAC company. And that is what I am doing to date. I also am expecting my first grandchild within the next month.
So I have had a great 33 years since my transplant.

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