Kristin K.

Celebrating Organ Transplant Longevity

Organ Transplants with 25 Years or More Survival of the Transplanted Organ

Kristin K.


Kidney   27 Years


Age: 41.    Place of Residence: Oklahoma City.

Transplanted Organ(s): Kidney.    Date of Transplant: March 23, 1977 Transplanted At: Children's Memorial Hospital in Oklahoma City. 

Donor: Deceased   

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Razz and Kristen

Razz, terrier mix, and Kristin in Massachusetts, where I used to live.

Jericho Graduates

Kristin with her sheltie, Jericho, at his puppy class graduation in 2003.

Kristen and Jericho

Kristin running Jericho at an agility dog show in 2004

Mud Trial

Kristin with her American Eakimo, Laika, after a very muddy outdoor agility dog show showing off the ribbons in 2001

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