Karen B.

Celebrating Organ Transplant Longevity

Organ Transplants with 25 Years or More Survival of the Transplanted Organ



Kidney         28   Years

Age: 47    Place of Residence: Michigan

Transplanted Organ(s): Kidney  Date of Transplant:  February 9, 1976

Transplanted At: St. Mary's Hospital

Donor: Sister 

Special First or Significant Event in My Transplant Life:

In 1976 I was the 25th transplant done at St. Mary's Hospital. My transplant Doctor retired after 27 years. When the Renal Clinic celebrated their 1000th transplant, the doctors and nurses at the transplant clinic invited me to come talk to them. I was honored!! I was finally able to thank them for their dedication in the transplantation field. This really was the best day of my life since the transplant.

How Transplant Has Affected  My Life:

Besides my daily medication, the transplant has become second nature in my life. I am living every second to the max - just ask my husband! I am a high school principal and I have the chance to help many young students as well as young teachers become the best that they can be. I couldn't ask for a better life.

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