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2006 U.S. Transplant Games Louisville Kentucky

On June 22, 2006 George, QCC president wrote. "For ME, the HIGHLIGHT.... was the FIRST Dinner/Dance Cruise hosted by the Quarter Century Club! All aboard had a great time, the dinner was delicious, the dancin' music was "off the hook"! The boat was packed..well, one of the two levels!! We had 90 folks to sail with us, including athlets from MANY teams, their guests and Donor Family Members.

The evening started with a thunderstorm showing up at a most critical time for us! The Captain came down and told us if the storm got worse, we'd have to stay docked! The storm showed up so fast and furiously, it took us all by surprise! But, as had happened during our stay in Looeyvule?, Louis-ville?, Loo-vull? , the storm blew past us in 15 minutes, the Captain yelled "all aboard", and off we went! The sun was shinning, and the music was pumpin, the food was smelling great, and we were ALL smiles!
With the storm now in the distance, I asked the dj's if they had the theme song to "Gilligan's Island" know..."a three hour tour...the weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed"...sadly, he said "no"!!

Photos from the 2006 Transplant Games and the Dinner Cruise are posted below:

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Barb W., our VP won three medals; a Silver Medal in the 20K Cycling Event, a Silver Medal in the 5K Cycling Event  and a Silver Medal in the 1500 Meter Race Walk. Results and , Barb also won .

Other members who 'medaled include:

Dr. Clark B. won a Silver in discus and Bronze in Softball throw

 Kathie G. won a Gold Medal in 100 meter swimming breaststroke

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